The Cook Family

The Cook Family – Cook, Carter, Hickman, Prynn, Grant

Henry Cook was born in St Olave, Bermondsey, London England in 1807. He died in 1908 in Rotherhithe, London. His wife Mary was born in 1811 and she died in 1916 in Camberwell, London. They had four children – John born 1834, Eliza born 1836, Henry born 1838 and William in 1840. Young Henry was born in St Olave and when he was 35, married Jane Carter at St Nicholas Parish Church, Deptford in Kent, England on 20 April, 1873. Jane was born in Faringdon, Berkshire, England.

Henry and Jane had two boys. Alfred James was born on 9 February 1880 at 8 Elephant Lane, near the Elephant and Castle, Rotherhithe, London and died in Auckland New Zealand on 20 February, 1963. His brother Richard Charles was born in 1884.

Alfred was married in 1909 to Martha Marie Hickman who was born in 1884. Martha Marie’s birth was never recorded officially however her mother Maria Prynn came from the Camberwell area of London and her father, Henry Hickman, from St Olave. Marie worked for Lord and Lady Lechemere as a domestic help.

Alfred and Martha (known as Marie) emigrated to Canada in 1911 planning to settle there. They had their first child in 1912, a girl named Winifred, born on Vancouver Island. Deciding against staying in Canada, Alfred and Marie joined a ship and sailed for New Zealand, arriving in Auckland. Here, Marie gave birth to a baby boy however he did not survive. Moving down the North Island they decided to settle in Palmerston North where Alfred got work in his trade, as a painter and decorator. As the birth of the next child came near, Marie decided to go back to Auckland to the midwife she had attended during her previous pregnancy. Nellie Dorothy Cook was born in May 1919 in Auckland, New Zealand. Two more girls were born in Palmerston North, Ivy Gladys in 1922 and Edna in 1926. The family moved to Hastings in the Hawke Bay area and Alfred continued to work in his own business as a painter/decorator.

Nellie married William Gordon Grant (Bill) in 1939 and they moved to a nearby city, Napier to begin married life. In 1942, Beverley Janice Grant was born followed by Malcolm Gordon Grant in 1943. Beverley married Herbert Benbow McInnes in 1962 in Auckland New Zealand.

Cook Descendants

Henry Cook b 1807 d 1840 + Mary Ann
1834    John Cook
1836    Eliza Cook
1838    Henry Cook
1840    William Cook

Henry Cook  +  Jane Carter m 1873 Deptford Kent England

1880    Alfred James Cook
1884    Richard Charles Cook

Alfred James Cook  + Martha Marie Hickman m 1909 London England

1912    Winifred Cook
1919    Nellie Dorothy Cook
1922    Ivy Gladys Cook
1926    Edna Cook

Nellie Dorothy Cook + William Gordon Grant m 1939 Hastings New Zealand

1942   Beverley Janice Grant
1943   Malcolm Gordon Grant

Beverley Janice Grant + Herbert Benbow McInnes m 1962 Auckland New Zealand

1964   Grant James Benbow McInnes
1967   Campbell John Benbow McInnes
1969   Megan Ruth McInnes d 27 Feb 1972
1972   Kathleen Victoria McInnes