Strengthen yourself in the Lord

Excerpt from Bill Johnson:
  1. Remember the presence of God and what it is to worship.
    Sometimes when you are under a cloud, go to a place and worship God with reckless abandon and demonstrate radical rejoicing. Rejoice when the affliction is there. David was a man after Gods heart.
  2. Review the promises of God. 3×5 cards, promises for your life are like a rudder. Don’t get blown of course. Treasure the word of the Lords spoken over your life, don’t despise the words over your life. If you want to make it through difficult times, don’t forget the promise. Don’t operate out of fear, envy, jealousy. Let the Lord speak into your heart.
  3. Find people of faith to hang around. These are lifestyles, not just for hard times. Serve everyone but in relationships where it’s give and receive, choose carefully. I have enough of a challenge to walk in faith without hanging around depressing people and receiving from them. I’m fragile, I can easily get discouraged. David strengthens himself in the Lord. Leaders help others to see their higher calling and to be overcomers. The back door to the throne room, 1 Samuel 30 v 6.

    But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

  4. We all face difficulties, our metal is proven in those moments. Obey God, be honest with how you feel.